Royal S&E is offering sea freight service through our agents from all China main ports to global. Our agent based in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Shanghai and Ningbo for the international shipping from China to global.

In order to assist our clients to process the cargo shipping smoothly, we always try to design the most suitable shipping options for clients to consider and take their desirable one according to the actual cargo details, just to help them saving time on shipping matter, and also help them to save shipping cost. And by our designed options and advanced problem solution, we always try to help them to avoid the possible and potential problem during the shipment, this will make us and clients always be ready for all kinds of situation in advance!

Here below our brief sea freight service instruction for reference:


1.Competitive rate for sea freight shipping.

2.Picking up from supplier.

3.Warehouse storage and loading.


5.Customs declaration.


7.Destination customs and to door delivery.

8.Insurance 0.3% of the invoice.

Our agent is one of the most reliable, professional and cost-effective shipping agent for suppliers and buyers. We were onsite audited by SGS as a Class A shipping agent in China and we enjoy the reputation from our overseas customers.

Our agent is not only a shipping agent or forwarder, we always try to be your business partner in China or even working as your exclusive shipping department with international vision and network. Guiding you how to choose your suppliers and products, how to minimize your shipping cost, how to consolidate your purchased products into one shipment, how to prepare the export documents for customs clearance, and assist to arrange the door to door delivery.

Here below our advantages in handling your air freight shipments from China:


Our agent have long-term cooperation and made contract rates with reputed airlines like CA, CZ, EK, SU, HU, TG, OZ, PO, MO.

Our agent daily fixed and tremendous cargo volume allow us to get big discount from airline.

If your shipment is not in urgent need, we can help you get the deferred space for general air freight which saves you almost 1/3 of the air freight cost.

We well repacking the goods to cut the volume into the least thus to reduce volumetric weight.


Our agent pick up samples from different suppliers with our domestic services and combine them into one single shipments, afterwards preparing one documentation for shipping together for saving your freight cost and also the destination import customs cost.


As for our 10 years’ experience in shipping range, we already set our world wide’s partner network, we can provide one-stop service for door to door delivery. Also, for valued clients, freight collect is also acceptable


Our agents rich experience in customs broker can help your suppliers prepare all kinds of customs documentation like the export license, Certificate of commodity inspection, CIQ, fumigation, C/O. certificate of Original, Invoice Embassy endorsement, professional export documentation services can greatly lower your duty and tax at import side, can save your destination handling cost, can make your destination customs go smoothly.


Our agents make a full utilize of SHANGHAI, HONG KONG, GUANGZHOU, BEIJING AND SHENZHEN International airports as our base, combining domestic logistics service network, we can provide our tailor solution for every shipment based on client’s concern (Budget, time, safety)


Daily air freight shipment tracing reports and reshipment alert, cargo arrival reminding services are our free services for our overseas customers.